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  1. Not sure if this is a bug for all systems but on the Xbox since the latest update my milk molar count is in the negatives
  2. First off diving bell spider chunk doesn't have it's sprite in my inventory just a white box second food and hunger bars while in inventory are not updating after you eat or drink and third inventory sometimes won't let you move your cursor work around is to keep switching tabs or opening closing inventory till it let's you. I'm on xbox one x by the way.
  3. Since the latest update I've seen some new resources for black Ants with the admin codes and would like to make a suggestion, as the red ant gear uses a kubuto and has this samurai feel maybe a shinobi like look for the black ant set? And a boken like look for the sword. Just a wishful thought.
  4. Hey just a few ideas for older bugs like the bombardier beetle and the stink bugs, maybe an armor from both like bombardier could boost explosive damage and/or radius and stink bug bonus dam resist. Would also like to see shields maybe from acorns for tier 1 and stink bug parts or a new stink bug carapace for a tier 2 for use with one handed weapons and spears only like a spartan warrior. Oh and maybe a two handed war club from lady bug parts and a ladybug head. Tangle bombs would be cool too made from spider treads unrefined plus standard bombs, smoke bombs for losing or disorienting bugs.
  5. Not sure if it's just my games or not but items carried by ants and gnats seem to be leaving periodic after images along the insects route,I've seen aphid honeydew pollen nectar gnat fuzz and weevil noses myself to name a few. You cannot interact with these images can't pick them up and they don't seem to be despawning either. Worst spot seem to be close to the ant hills both of them and it's really bad around the roses and yard sprinklers,the stuffs just floating a few centimeters from the ground for ants and floating everywhere near the big yard lights.then there's the issue with second player being dc'd on a regular basis roughly 5 minute intervals or at autosaves.any more you guys find let me know.
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