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  1. Definitely merit in the Cipher MC since I was considering using the Paladin companion (who can multi with Chanter). Definitely not looking to have the MC multiclass and I'd like to not ALWAYS be casting something. I'd like to have the pistols for RP and aesthetic so never actually using them would nix that. I'm not really looking for power builds. Just looking for something that is enjoyable and fun, but not underpowered.
  2. I've finally decided to get this game and I'm really caught between two potential classes. I'd like a little help trying to decide what I should play as on the Turn Based mode. What I plan on doing: -Damage Dealer (Dual Pistols AND/OR Daggers for close quarters and an additional damage type when enemies resist piercing) -Off-Healing AND/OR Debuff (I'm more partial to healing, but if Debuffs are really strong then I'm down for that as well) -Trying to avoid "Casting Time" spells (mainly because I don't wanna sit around like a bump on a log waiting to cast only to find that my party h
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