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  1. Went from naming my first island to discovering my first bug, quite the adventure I guess . I just hope it's an easy fix (if anyone plans on fixing it), for now I'll try to avoid exploiting it. Also thanks for all the work being put into this. So far I like the changes that have I've seen implemented, and along with the Community Patch it makes many abilities a lot more enticing to get… Also makes deciding what skills to get every level a bit harder but I that's part of the fun in my case. Still have a lot to see in game but so far it looks great.
  2. I did check the combat log and the +10 also showed up in the attack roll. That's what I thought but I don't know what may be going on my end if it's just me. I've just started a new game on the latest steam version with all the DLCs a few days ago. Could my save have been somehow "corrupted" by a mod? The only mods I've installed that could affect passives are the "Community Patch", "Carnage and Powder Burns Indicators" and this mod. I have also installed "FG Party Items Upgrade" and "FG Soulbound Upgrade" which might be outdated (and I only say as much because some of the party item upgrades are missing) but I feel like these shouldn't go anywhere near Accurate Carnage.
  3. It seems a though accurate carnage is applying to the main weapon accuracy when I believe it shouldn't. Couldn't check if it actually applied to the carnage itself but the current effect is very overpowered. It seems to be affecting the battle axe, sabre, club, dagger, stiletto and pollaxe. Upon further testing it looks like this is happening even in vanilla, I thought about not posting this here but as it's one of the passives modified by the mod I might as well mention it. Couldn't find anything about this in a quick search, is it bugged or am I not seeing something here?
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