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  1. Ok, so one more question. Beckoned, or bellower? Which one is actually better for the purposes of summoning?
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I will take all of this in to account and test out something in a bit!
  3. So, to begin this post, I'd like to state that i have been a lurker for a few months. Ive seen that this forum isn't necessarily as "alive" as it once was, but is still very active. With that in mind, ive an idea for a build, but it's bare bones and just an idea currently. I'm not sure if it will function very well and will certainly not be exceedingly powerful, but the idea sounds fun to me. So, my question is whether a Priest of Magran/ Chanter could work. The idea is a dragon (drake) tamer. I say drake, as it's obviously a multiclass and Drakes and Wurms are all I wi
  4. So, I have beaten the game once already and have just started my second play through. After much research, i decided to go with a Steel Garrote/Soulblade. Now, I know this question has surely been asked, but i have been unable to find a concrete answer. Is anyone aware if any of the AOE Weapons such as WotEP translates soul annihilation in to an AOE attack?
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