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  1. Just checking to be sure you are using it correctly. You have to equip it and then left click on the object that needs repairing as if you were going to smash it. You should see a line below the name of the item, i.e. Storage Basket, grow to full as you do it. I tried it on stairs and it worked as well. I am using PC version though.
  2. The only issues I have had like this is with my auto saves sometimes not loading. I play on PC though.
  3. I was having the same issue until I saved Oct 8th at 7:55 pm Central Time. Then the save location reported Grasslands. I will try again today and see if it changes.
  4. I use the base level arrows and shoot all the berries down. It takes a lot less times and most of the time the arrows eventually fall to the ground and are easily collected.
  5. I haven't been able to connect to that one or the one by the bird bath branch or the one on top of the lantern at the Oak tree. They may just have them in for future connections.
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