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  1. I really passionatly hate trying to get to the bird bath now, it is extremely aggravating to the point where i stopped doing any quest that takes me to try to get on to the birdbath, i have died so many times there ever since the change that the quest to put a marker uo there is not worth the science at all in any way shape or form. #screwbirdbath
  2. At first i was thinking like wolverine, but now that you mention glaive wouldnt that be a step up from spear? That could also be awesome since the spear is extemely weak compared to a lot of the more powerful weapons, that being said yes i meant a claw weapon like wolverine or Freddy Krueger
  3. Didnt relize insect axe and ant club are like that, i dont have all the recipes memorized yet but i will have to relook at bith of those
  4. I would love to see a claw type weapon in the game maybe using spider and bee parts to make it, probably 3 spider fangs for the claw and and bee's wings and hard exoskeleton shell to make the glove part of the claw, I think it would be interesting to have a weapon in game made up of multiple different insects to play around with.
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