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  1. There is a guy (YEAHBOIKTR) who joins other players and then is destroying everything the player has build. He just ruins games for players and putting it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@Team_Killer_NZ/shorts
  2. The infected wolf spider is getting stuck in the oak tree. Here is a picture.
  3. Has anyone else hear this strange sound after using the resource analyzer? It's like a ringing/clicking sound.
  4. After hitting a acorn and breaking it then sometimes the shells and tops fall through the ground and you can't get them. Did anyone have this?
  5. I have tested it multiple times but the crow only drops a feather at the bird bath and only if you are close to the crow. It took me ages to get 2 feathers.
  6. I got 1 feather and after that no more feathers at all. I have been to every place the crow lands but no feathers at all also they are not dropping in random places. I didn't have that problem in the early access normal game.
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