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  1. Would love to see a vr version of this on the oculus quest There isn't many good survival/crafting/building games on there and I believe alot of people would enjoy coming face to face with a wolf spider in person or building there own base and being able to see and build first hand with the two touch controllers And to fight off a hoard of ants or take on bombardier beatles and stink bugs like I'm actual there Plus the game is roughly around 4gb on console which alot of the other games on there take up alot more space so I think It would work out great Id def pay for som
  2. It would be great to have to survive against : ticks, centipedes, praying mantis,earth worms, squirrels for building maybe add some stone structures and balconies maybe some rope ladders to get in-between floors of bases A blueprint for a raft would be great and maybe a Sword of some type made from centipede parts like legs and she'll for armor like the lady bug set but tougher and stronger possible saddles to mount insects if possible to take in future to use for travel
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