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  1. oh yeah right i almost forgot about that but yeah it is pretty annoying especially when there are enemies neaby and you just can't get out of the menu and die because of it.
  2. So just like the title says i play this game in 3rd person but everytime i die and respawn the camera changes back to first person. It's a minor nitpick but it can be annoying if you die often and i don't think it is intendet that the camera view changes like that eveytime you die. I also don't know if its because the 3,0 or if it was a problem before the update but now it is there.
  3. Also i once switched to german then switched back to english and since then everytime i start the game and it loads the title screen it says "Lade" instead of loading but the rest of the game is still set to english
  4. Right i was wondering i haven't seen a wolf spider in a long time. Everytime i go inside the tree i can hear spiders but nothing is in there. I just thought my save file is bugged or something because i know that normally there are 1-2 wolf spiders in that tree
  5. I found those items too i was wondering why they were there. You find them all in the hedge lab on some tables. I have linked the 3 items i found. I don't know if there are more.
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