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  1. Title. I believe it was update 3 that caused my game to instantly close it's self after about 2 seconds of loading screen upon launching from Steam. Game ran perfectly fine before then. No hardware or software changes on my end. Now the newest update still causes this issue. While I do realize the game is early access and things are not going to always go smooth, the fact that I can't even log in to a game I bought into and very much enjoyed for four months is...unacceptable, frankly. What's even MORE unacceptable is that I have made posts about it here, on Steam and in the Grounded discord an
  2. Firstly, I hope that all at Obsidian affected by the fires in California are safe and sound. That said, I made a post for the 0.3.0 PTB that as of that version, I was having immediate CTD situations, and could find no workaround. The patch launched and the problem persisted. None of the subsequent hotfixes remedied this problem, but I was very hopeful that after about a month of not even being able to launch the game, this would be resolved. Imagine my sadness upon downloading the current PTB and finding that the situation is, in fact, still present. I've checked all drivers and whatnot,
  3. Title. I reported I was having this issue the first day of the PTS and never heard anything back one way or another. I assumed it would be ironed out in the .3 update but it still persists. It only manifests on this build, the game launched fine on .2.2. All files have been verified. Drivers have been updated. Game has been reinstalled...all the usual. Reuploading my DxDiag files for good measure. DxDiag.txt
  4. Neither, I don't get that far. I download the test client, click "Play" on steam, and within 2 seconds the game crashes, but only with the test client. If I revert to live it works fine.
  5. When attempting to launch the PTS, I get roughly 1-1.5 seconds of the black loading screen before immediate crash to desktop. No save game selection or anything. Have completely uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I've never had this happen on the live version, and I've had no hardware or software changes since I last played live. Thanks for all you guys do! DxDiag.txt
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