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  1. Lmao i was doing so good it had been like 3 years since i lost bro i was doing so good! but yes in response to the other questions i am referring to grounded sorry for not specifying earlier
  2. trying to update to the patch that was just added version 2.2.xxx i believe steam shows it requires an update but when i queue it i get an error message saying "unavailable" had this problem with a game called rust awhile back and steam couldnt help. i reached out to facepunch the creators of rust and after some time and failed attempts at a fix they sent me the files included in the update and i had to manually inject them into the games directory. wondering if that may be a possibility in this case?
  3. ill play my xbox gt: cody forester. i know its lame lmao but i made it when i was 12 and i refuse to pay $10 to change it
  4. i know this was last month but are yall still down to play? just got it and would love to play i know a little bit about it but not a ton. add me on steam or discord Steam: Sir D, my pfp is a shark wearing a tux and a monocle. Discord: Crackshot098, pfp is of a guitar.
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