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  1. Whether I tried space or not, since the recent update this issue has been resolved. FRANKLENLINE works well and I can leave it after interacting with the control knobs. Cheers.
  2. Version: I accepted a quest from BURGL, to craft a canteen. I then used RS to purchase the Canteen+ upgrade. On crafting the Canteen+, the quest from BURGL remains unfulfilled. Obviously, I can no longer craft the standard Canteen either to clear it. I will likely just drop the quest when next with BURGL, but thought I should mention it here. Cheers
  3. Once I activate on of the wheels (E to DRAW) it goes into a wide angle and allows me to draw but then I am unable to leave this view. I have to save, and then reload, to be able to leave the etch-a-sketch drawing mode.
  4. Ditto. They don't explode on death and are unlootable
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