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  1. ¿I think it only shows the individual bonuses of the parts, but you can only see the set bonus when you wear it, I also agree that the descriptions in the OS tab are vague too, some ppl would say that you have to use the power of imagination, but Personally I think it is fair to explain things like this to the player.
  2. I don't think that gameplay or player progress is sacrificed by putting a couple of mite fuzz on the armor or asking for a unit or two less in the recipe, nor do I ask that the game be extremely realistic, at least not more than what already is, if it is coherent and impressive enough to see sap on the inside of the bandages, shouldn't it be the same for everything else? I trust that Obsidian is mature enough to make these changes without altering the progress or pace of the gameplay, these are only suggestions to make the game more immersive and do not represent a problem, just a bit of inconsistency
  3. The ones in the game are actually covered in some kind of velver, i havent seen an actual mite image trough my smartphone, im sorry. Also I found ridiculus the way you keep insiting theres 4 clovers in the basket, maybe its just balance of the game as you call it, I guess people before smartphones now are that old that think they know everything and think everyone else is dumb.
  4. I have this same problem, I know its very anoying and I hope they fix this bug soon, because it makes looks the game broken even if its not...
  5. Yes please, I had to look at the internet for a description I could understand, also for some of the armor set bonus like scarlet embrace or uncrackable, they dont explain much by themselves
  6. I don't think that mite fuzz is that small, since a single mite is half covered with fuzz, unless you take just a handful and waste the rest, it doesnt make any sense. I know mite fuzz and berry leather are suposed to be inside the armor but yet, it should be visible at the edges, y mean look at the acorn mask, you can clearly see a bit of the inside part and theres no mite fuzz in it. And actually you can see trough the basket if you get too close, theres no clovers inside... But again its maybe its just me and im wrong, I really apretiate your time reading my post and to comment it.
  7. I was thinking of talking about this in my previous post but I think it deserves its own post, there is something that bothers me and that is that many recipes, especially armor do not agree 100% with the materials that are required and those that are visible, or simply in number , this is just my opinion and may seem exaggerated by some let's get started Aphid slippers: here the problem is the quantity, 10 of mite fuzz seems exaggerated to fill a pair of shoes ... Acorn armor: In this case it is only the helmet / mask, which requires 1 Acorn Shell 5 Mite Fuzz 3 Woven Fiber however the fuzz mite is not visible anywhere ... Ant armor: In each piece of this armor it clearly has parts made with fiber or dry grass, but only the knee pads ask for dry grass, also the helmet asks for an ant's head but I do not see the eyes or the jaws, besides that all the pieces ask for mite fuzz which again is not seen anywhere ... Grub armor: the grub leggings again ask for mite fuzz but it is not visible anywhere ... Spider armor: The whole set asks for spider parts silk and berry leather, but the berry leather is not visible anywhere besides, the spider hood asks for two fangs which are not visible either ... Ladybug armor: The ladybug helmet asks for a ladybug head but personally I do not find the need because the appearance is of a part of ladybug ... Web bounce: It has the appearance of a cobweb but it does not contain any cobweb, it is actually an insect rubber that does not have anything from an insect either XD also the use of sap is clearly seen but it is not required Insect Ax: The ax calls for a ladybug head and on the ax it has 3 ladybug jaws when a head has only 2 Mint mallet: Here the only thing that bothers me is that the piece of mint is the hardest material up to now, however the character manages to make a hole and thus tie it with silk, it would not be coherent to ask for 1 acid with which it would be done said hole? Repair tool: Maybe it's just me but it looks like it's made from an ant jaw, why not use ant parts / head instead of quartzite Workbench: With the naked eye we can see a vise made with an ant head but none is required to create it and if we go further it also has crude rope pebblets and 2 slime mold stalk Sap catcher: he asks for an acorn cap and a soldier ant jaw, but I don't see any ant part, just a sprig with fiber and a pebblet attached with a thistle needle to the acorn cap Slime mold torch/scone: Fiber and crude rope is required but none is visible Plank/Stem pallet: it should requiere more pebblets since are basicaly made of stones Lean-to: You can se some stones holding the leave but any pebblet is required Dewer collector: It requires 8 quartzite but look like the pebblets of the roasting spit Storage chest: If you look at the back side of the chest you can see 4 thistle needle nails attaching the clover to the acorn part Storage basket: requires 4 clover leaf but actually only one is seen for the lid Stuffed mite: requires 10 mite fuzz which is too much for such a small animal since the aphid requieres only2 and it has a similar size Lure trap: It shows 4 units of pollen but none is required I repeat it is just my point of view, to some it may seem exaggerated but it seems to me that it should be as attached as possible
  8. I find the game very entertaining, with many bugs but I'll talk about that later, today I want to show a list of things that I would like to improve about the game to make it much more immersive and fun and prevent the game from falling into a logic incoherent with its essence : By itself the game already does enough to really get us into it, the first person, the good graphics, and the details make me really believe that I'm there, however there are some points that take me out of that illusion, they are details that They don't kill the game but they make it a bit bogus: The sound of spiders for example, I know that it is difficult to find the appropriate sound for animals that do not make any sound in themselves, but I do not know if every time I hear a spider it is not actually a dinosaur, I understand that this is intended for alarm the player and that it is related to the danger they represent, but some effect or distortion in this sound could greatly improve the experience. The sound of the shovel when you pick up clay should be more like digging dirt, and not chopping iron, I mean, the clay that is wet is soft and smooth, not like a stone, but you could not mold it. The size of some objects does not match much with what you can craft with them, the acorn shell for example looks too big for what you can actually do with it, one would think that you can create a whole armor with a single shell but in In reality, it asks for many, another example is the water container, which although this made by fragments of the shell rather looks like a mini acorn cut in half and put back together, perhaps they should make it bigger. The movement of the character when running with club-type weapons is not very credible, he goes around holding the weapon in front of him without hardly moving it, the normal thing would be for him to support it on the shoulder, perhaps he could hold it with one hand by the middle part of the handle, Or maybe just hold it diagonally with both arms but not hold it steady as a flag. The juice. Let's be honest, the juice drops are huge, it almost seems that they can be made infinitely large, and when these are not joined together to make exaggerated drops, they just appear a lot of them 10-20, this is not realistic if So much juice will gather at least they would form a small puddle, but I do not ask you to go that far, simply to put a limit to the drops that can appear 3-5 and of a considerable size, (not larger than the height of the character) It would help to make the game much more realistic and I even think it would help the performance of the game, and the truth is that, nobody needs so much juice, I think we would even give it more importance and appreciate more to see a little juice instead of a lot . Comment if you agree or not, and add that I miss
  9. In Xbox one, In multiplayer, not as host, since I started using grass floors the objects above them such as chests, crafting table, head mounts, light sources, armor dummy's, kinda stack all toghether in the same place out of the grass floor (where are not suposed to be) and the main grass structure looks empty, this objects are still in their places but they are invisiblle, at least for me, the host can see everything normal. I can interact with the invisible object but not with the visible part even when it shows me the option, this happen when I move away and return. This is only fixed by rejoining the game but keep happening if I move away again. something I noticed when I rejoin is that this objects seem to spawn at that place and then recolocate to their right places, but when Im already in the world and this things need to spawn again get stuck in that same place. Something weird is that if i get really close to the invisible object it teleports my sight to the location where things are stuck, and if the host do the same (getting close to the object) I can see his body being teleported to where things are stacked, but only I can see that, the host doesn't see anything unusual. This is really sad because we just built a big big place and it looks empty and dark...
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