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  1. I have way too many ants in my game causing it to freeze because they are all gathered around a lure trap in one location. There is over a hundred ants in that one area. I can no longer go near them if I want to play without the game freezing up on me. I play on an Xbox One X.
  2. Is the black screen happening with just this game, or all 4k games on your Xbox? I had that problem after my Xbox One X did an update. Now I can't play certain games anymore if my UHD is turned on in my TV settings, so I had to turn off UHD on my television to make it work.
  3. I play the game on Xbox and my game is freezing when I get to close to the area with the baseball. There are a hundred or more ants gathering around a lure trap I left near my old base. I can't get anywhere near that area without my game grinding to a halt because the graphics can't compete with that many ants in one location. If I try to kill the ants from a distance with gas arrows, they come toward me and the game freezes again.
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