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  1. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/sega-con...-protocol-delay
  2. Well it took 38 pages and almost a month since I started this thread for there to be any confirmation and even that wasn't done with any sort of press release or anything. I'm not being alarmist but judging from SEGA and Obsidians tight lips over this I think this game may never be released, or if it is, it will be by a different publisher. I'm ofcourse just speculating. Hopefully it isn't vaporware.
  3. *Sigh* Oh well, it's all but confirmed now. We'll probably get an official announcement next week. Pretty bad move by Sega if they move it to Q1 like everyone else has done, they will be even more crowded out then than if they were release in Christmas due to all the big hitters running away from COD.
  4. Last thing I seen was a press release saying the 6th October but since then there hasn't been really any marketing or anything I've seen. It looks likely that its delayed again but any official confirmation or denial?
  5. So any official word on this news yet? I'm not bothered if its only delayed for a few weeks, but I don't want it delayed to q1 2010, already got a bunch of delayed games I'm going to buy then :/
  6. I'd have thought so too, but it's odd that the press release only specifically mentions North America. Just looking for an official word.
  7. Hey, over on gamespot it confirms that the release date for North America is 6th October, but doesn't have an EU (UK for me) release date. I'm just wondering if the UK date is the same or if we are going to have to wait longer for it?
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