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  1. I think that a lot of people speculating and dreaming of what this game will be should remember that it's clearly not even trying to be a continuation of PoE. Just like TES fans should accept Bethesda will never make another Morrowind, we should accept that there might never be a continuation of the style of gameplay and storytelling we saw in previous titles that were placed in Eora. And I for one am fine with that. If anything, after the financial results from PoE2, a title set in Eora that actually sells well might be our only shot at Obsidian reconsidering the possibility of continuing its line of cRPGs set in the world. We should be more open to the idea that the game will be, comparatively speaking, shallow in terms of worldbuilding, characterization of your companions, and the depth of the plot. That is not necessarily a bad thing for a game that's meant to be fun. I love the pillars games, I love cRPGs, but I also like to have games I can play without investing so much of my time and energy into understanding. And anybody who's kept an ear to the ground on what sells to modern consumers, you would know that the market would agree with the sentiment. Even besides the financial benefits of making a game like Skyrim rather than a game like Baldur's Gate, there's no reason for us to be disappointed by a game just because it forces us to play in a familiar world in an unfamiliar way. The shift in perspective, quite literally in terms of going FP from isometric, will feel fresh, if you allow it to. Don't go in thinking we'll see the same kinds of depth we had in PoE1 & 2, but look for something different in it. Who knows, maybe I'm completely in the wrong and Obsidian will manage to make the game feel like a first person cRPG. I heavily doubt that, and I'm not expecting it, but nobody really knows yet. I'm just making this post because I've seen quite a lot of discussion (not necessarily all here, mind you) about Avowed that seems to presume the same things you'd presume from a straight up sequel to PoE2. And we should taper our expectations for our own good if nothing else. The less you expect from it, the more it can surprise you rather than disappoint you.
  2. Have we gotten any information about who's directing, writing, producing, etc. on Avowed? I'm not seeing anything by googling at least.
  3. Oh no, I meant the reward patches for completing the Ultimate. Might be a dumb question but I didn't see anything about it on a quick search.
  4. Hey, are there currently any patches left? I'd want to try the challenge anyways, but I'm just asking to see if I should stream my attempt or no.
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