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  1. He says that MP should have concesions, but I have said before I don't know how much money is needed, I only asked for a strech goal offering cooperative. So, I still not understand why he says that MP need concesions if he also says: "I do believe you can create an awesome multi-player experience with dialogue and choice and consequence, in my mind it would require a very large budget. I'll let you guys decide what that may or may not mean.". I agree, resources are needed, but if you get the resources, cooperative could be great. Some posts before, something asked in the kickstarter and
  2. The problem with your (and others who want MP badly) perspective is that you're seeing this issue only as the end-user who saw nothing of the balancing act done during design and development. So this always bears repeating: I really can't imagine the likes of PS:T to have co-op. BG was much lighter in narrative content than that, and IWD even lighter still. I suspect the majority here are not after a mere dungeon romp but something with depth, even moreso than BG (because Avellone is involved), where the truth of "reading is not a team sport" would be much more obvious in practice.
  3. Ironically, you've answered your own question. This is the biggest objection with such a small budget. I think that we are asking for coop if Obsidian gets the resources for it. I mean, adding coop as a "stretch goal". 2.4 million, 3 million, I don't know.
  4. Since BG2 and Icewind Dale 2, I only remember 2 games with multiplayer cooperative; Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. So, why some of you say that publishers want multiplayer for RPG?. And please, don't mention action RPG. I'm saying RPG's, not Gauntlet clones. We have some great RPG games, but only 2 of them with cooperative. More than 10 years with only two RPG's with cooperative. To the people saying that SP is more important... Who is here against single player?. We are asking for multiplayer coop like Baldur's Gate series and Icewind Dale. That is, THE SAME SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN played i
  5. I think people here are talking about a single player campaign played in cooperative, in the same way than BG or ICWD. MMO system and such of things are out of the question.
  6. Could you tell me some RPG's with cooperative since Neverwinter Nights 2?. And I'm talking about RPG, not action RPG. Seriously, I'm really interested.
  7. Have you played p&p RPG?. And if played... Did you like it?. In p&p RPG you can read a lot of text and interact with the other players, and there's not any problem with that. RPG was invented for playing with your friends. I don't understand what is the problem with cooperative. If the players want to read all the text, they can do it in MP, why not?. Coop multiplayer is an option, if people want to play SP, they can do it, what's the problem?. We are not voting for single player or multiplayer, we are voting for SP or SP + COOP. If Obsidian gets enough money for cooperative, go fo
  8. I love multiplayer. RPG was created for multiplayer cooperative, and there is not many computer RPG games with this mode. I enjoyed BG and ICWD series playing in coop with my friends, and still playing now with my sons. BG single player was not affected for the coop mode, so, I think that Project Eternity could add this option. It's party based, so, every player could manage a character in the party, and human brain is, by far, 10000000000 times more interesting than AI scripts. I backed the project, of course, and Ill add more money if they add cooperative campaign, like BG, IWD a
  9. Hi Grupo 97 interviews Joshua about gaming, old days and such of things. http://grupo97.halconesrojos.com/index.php...sawyerinterview I hope you find it interesting Regards
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