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  1. for the past few updates Ive been unable to lead my worlds. It will either crash or just keep loading forever. Its pretty frustrating after having put so many hours into the game
  2. After patch 0.1.2 was release I was unable to load into my world with over 60 in game days of gameplay. And I was hoping the most recent patch which supposedly going to fix this would work but unfortunately Im still having the same problem where I'll either crash or load forever when trying to access my worlds.
  3. Im still having this problem too. Even after the patch where they supposedly fixed it
  4. After I downloaded the new grounded 0.2.1 patch a couple days ago my game practically stopped letting me into my own world. Everytime I would try to load a save it would either crash or keep loading forever. I did manage to load a save from a couple days prior to my most recent one but every bit of progress was gone except for my inventory (my builds, crafting recipes, scabs, chips, ect.) Please tell me theres a way to revert this because I absolutely love this game and I dont want to see a whole month of progress just disappear forever.
  5. One of my missions from Burg.l was to build a marker on plank cliff. I completed the mission by building the marker but destroyed it afterward because I didn't need it there. But upon reloading the game the mission reappeared asking me to place the marker so I returned to plank cliff and the blueprint for the marker was no longer there. Was this because I destroyed it? Nonetheless I cant complete the mission and am pretty much down a mission slot. Is there any way you could provide a fix for this or allow the skipping of missions for the price of raw science or something
  6. I dont know how often if at all this is suggested but Im too lazy to search. Have you guys ever considered adding a local / splitscreen mode of multiplayer? I just thought it would be cool to be able to play with friends on the same couch kind of like minecraft.
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