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  1. Thanks for that information on the Mss dll change. I didn't have a Mss32.dll it was only a Mss.dll and when I deleted it from KotOR2 and copied the same file from KotOR, I also have it installed on the same laptop and have been playing it and it works fine, to KotOR2. It started up and appears to been running okay now. So, Thanks for the help with this. I was getting frustrated with it so I went to the XBOX version and played and finished it again. I can't wait for KotOR3 to get going.
  2. This is my system information: I can't get KotOR2 to run on my HP DV7 series laptop. It says that I need a different video driver (detonator 45.23 or better) I have the newest driver version from nvidia I can get. I tried the 1.0b patch and other updates and still get a null message in the video section of the config hardware program for the game ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 5/7/2009, 20:59:43 Machine name: JONESFAMILY-PC Operating System: Windows Vista
  3. I have an hp dv7 series laptop with an intel duo 2gh processor and 4gb ram and an nvidia gforce 9600m gt and plenty of share and dedicated ram. I run vista64 and use an emulator for games that aren't vista compatible. I tried the Patch (1.0b) to upgrade the game and fix problems but it didn't help. The error I am getting is that the driver for my laptop (Nvidia gforce 9600m gt) with the lastest driver update (185.81beta) installed is being kick out with a null message and it says that I need detonator 45.23. I contacted nvidia and they said to wipe the drivers and reinstall them fresh. I did that and it didn't help. What am I doing wrong?
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