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  1. The only problem I see with having an infinite storage space on hand is that I would never need to return to town until I've amassed a kings fortune in loot. Along side this as well is that I would never need to explore the crafting system ( if there is one ). This is why I would like a player home or home base where I can store all my loot that I want to sort out later.
  2. I know there might be another post with something similar to what mine is but I wanted to start fresh. I've heard it said on many YouTube videos that Avowed is going toe to toe with Elder scrolls and if that is ultimately true then here is my list of what I want to see done in Avowed that wasn't done right in ES. CRAFTING - I want to see a more expanded crafting system, if I hunt Deer or Boar then I want Deer hide/ Boar hide to be a useable crafting material offering different stats/bonuses when crafting. The crafting system must include a far more expanded list of items, f
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