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  1. I thought this was the issue I had also so I did kill them all using gas arrows thanks for the great tip on killing those glitched enemies this way. Unluckily for me this still didn`t resolve the problem. Thinking some more on the problem I realized I had done multiple runs through the ant hill killing everything I could and also out in the world. Though one important thing I realized I didn't pick up their loot because by now I had so much Ant loot I had simply no need for more. This disabled them to respawn so I went on a mission looting and trashing everything I could fi
  2. I ran into the same issue I used Gas arrows to get some multi kill combos Had to make a dedicated storage container for all the loot from this cave parked it at the exit. With a marker next to it for easy tracking.
  3. At the current state of this function you can reflect your mood with an icon. It will share your coordinates and you have a drop down with options you can select. Amongst these options I am stuck. However not insect stuck I think the community has discovered many problem areas where the creatures get stuck in rocks. I suppose us reporting these coordinates to development should be a great help resolving those problem areas. (Though I have to admit it seems to be mostly rocks where this issue happens)
  4. I like how this has become a nice place with ideas so I will add a couple I had. New creatures suggestion - Earwig (It`s parts can be used to craft a tool that can be used to grab items out of the water like weed stems) - Woodlice (might be a cool armor that blocks when Crouching) - Silverfish - Stick \ Leaf bug - Salamander - Cater pillar - Butterfly (using butterfly wings might act as defense for earlier suggestion of birds) - Dragonfly (parts are needed for the earlier mention grabbing tool - Praying mantis - Crickets - Frog
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