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  1. I don't think we need shields. I do fine blocking and I suppose the devs wants players to defend themselves in different ways than they're used to from other games. Simply mastering the blocking mechanic is already rewarding rather than cowering behind a 100% block shield. I support the current blocking system, it's a nice change of what we're used to.
  2. You can, just don't lose sight of the saved files from the game progress you don't want to lose. Naming save files would be great.
  3. I doubt animals like lizard and snakes would fit, they would be enormous. I had the same idea for birds and moles but the size just won't allow. I dowm for more insects tho! Water insects, dragonflies! Can't wait for those.
  4. Taming seems cool but no more than 1 bug of the same kind. Don't want people making zoo's
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