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  1. Bigger animals like snakes or birds could be bosses
  2. • Mini bosses, just the same insects already in the game, but bigger and stronger, and could appear if you kill a decent amount of a certain bug species like ants. • Tamable Lady bug, or possibly being able to steal a baby version of a lady hug to raise, and possibly able to make a saddle for it, in order to ride it. • New Ant species, like black ants, or some sort of weird buffed ant species that was made from raw science, which could have some new armor and weapons.
  3. First of all, I just wanna say I've enjoyed this game so far, and I hope it keeps getting updates. Suggestions/ideas First of all how about new traps, that are made for catching small insects, like the weavers or green bugs, though in order the catch them, you'd have to use certain bait. Animal pen, so basically you catch small bugs like the little green bugs, once you catch them you can create an animal pen and put them down inside, where the won't despawn, and if you've captured two, if you feed them, the next day there would be a possibility of having third, which you can kill and eat. Basically being able to farm animals like cattle. A new type of ant armor like soldier ant armor which would have better protection than normal ant armor, as well as a new buff which increased the ant club's damage. The possibility of capturing Ant Worker and Soldier Ant larva from Ant colonies, and being able to raise the larva and when the grow up, Ant worker would collect items for your while soldier ants would protect your, your base, or other ants you've raised Other Ant colony that will battle other Ants that aren't apart of their colony. New Ant species like black ants, which could have new armor and weapons, and would attack the standard red ants.
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