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  1. Wow, thanks a lot thats good stuff! No helmet, though. Godlike and all. What's the best way to use the symbols? Obviously a choke point will work, but I've avoided using traps and symbols much except on harder fights. It seems like a turn to set up and hope to get a hit isn't the best, but maybe I was wrong?
  2. When I start my next playthrough, I want to make a Death Godlike Priest of Berath. It's for semi-roleplay (I often get sidetracked by sweet loot and xp, but I do my best :p). I don't want him/her to be a healer, but a few buffs might not be a bad idea. I'd prefer to lay down some pain and debuffs. I'm open to adding in a multiclass, but I was looking at Priest only. What do yall think? Semi-related, I thought it'd be fun to run Pallegina and Xoti with their own holy beliefs if there's a good way to work them in without being overly disadvantageous. I'm going to try hard because normal has been kind of easy even when I started up-scaling it.
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