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  1. I've received a reply from the developers. The following steps turns off "steam cloud" so after you uninstall / reinstall you are able to input a different email. If you ever get stuck in the "logging in..." loop while trying to log in with Xbox Live (steam version) try this 1. While the game is installed, Right Click > Properties > Updates > Uncheck 'Steam Cloud' 2. Uninstall the game. 3. Steam > Settings > Cloud > Uncheck 'Steam Cloud' 4. Open File Explorer > Navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local 5. Delete the entire folder entitled 'Maine' (if a cache file can't be deleted, that's okay.) 6. Re-install and start the game.
  2. So when I first launched the game and input my email (PC), out of habit, I input my Gmail account. After 3 attempts at the password (Which happens because I use a few different passwords) I have been locked out! There's no way to input a new email. I get to the "Let's get you signed in" and my only option is to click sign in where it advises me to account.live.com. Even when I go to that website and enter my actual live email everything is fine. I can see my Xbox live and my entire profile with no problems. I have also tried Uninstalling / Reinstalling Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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