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  1. Ranger until there's a way you could always build a wall n recycling it gives 2 back so there's a way to get rid of it but it may take a while
  2. I think ya just pick it up iv seen sap in one before it takes time like when water droplets spawn
  3. Here are some more bugs I found If you put juice in a water tank you can't drink it it says can't mix liquids Hard crashes on guests can reset them like they never been on the world Using arrows to shoot down Berry's takes two one gets stuck in the air often Sometimes as a guest you can't pick up items up off the floor but you can others And ants looting chest through walls and floors
  4. From my experience this should only happen when they de agro or kill/down the hostile player If the battle music stops you still have a bit before it regens also low mobs tend to run away when low
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