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  1. I purchased the game on steam. I have a gtx 650. I have windows 7. When i first launched the game it asked for my Xbox live info. I entered it and verified all security emails sent to me. The game didn't login. I restarted grounded, it loads the game and I see "click any button". Then when I click a button, it starts to spin saying logging in. After about 70 seconds the music in the background disappears. Then about another 60 seconds after that, the game closes with no errors, and I'm back at my steam window. The game will not log in. I have uninstalled, made sure the whole c++ family is on my pc, updated my video card drivers, ensured windows defender and windows firewall were off. I have no anti virus software. I see no records in the event log detecting errors or warnings during the time I was trying to log into the game. If I start steam offline, I can run the game with no problems. It loads quick and is painless. The issue is logging into my Xbox live account, or what ever action is taking place upon login. The handshake between steam and xbox live is not happening for me. All my friends are playing and they are making fun of my computer. This is not the toasters fault.
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