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  1. It was an issue if you were close to nuetral the dialog would drop out prematuarly,the newest patch fixes it. http://www.deadlystream.com/downloads/TSLRCM_patch_vers 1.4a.rar:://http://www.deadlystream.com/downloa..._vers 1.4a.rar:
  2. I fully understand your concerns, as I'm sure many others have. I would attribute the "fast" progress to many things the main one being not having to hunt for content (what was cut)as all of that had already been done. Also a big chunk of Narshadaa had been done by a very talented guy ,SWfan28 and Zbyl as to when this was compled I don't know,it could have been made 2 years ago. So of course that was a big timesaver as well as some other content he did as well as jinger letting us have his enclave mod. The other thing is we are not so much as trying to "fix" the entire game as we are adding content so it makes sense and not break anything. (we are trying to fix broken stuff as we go). Another big thing Zbyl and I work well together(so far) there have been no arguments about how something is added or how a scene should go. There are also some other factors such as there are alot more rescources of all kinds of modding information availble now that wasn't around years ago.
  3. I somehow knew you would be our biggest critic, but anyway ,I will say that what is or has been done has been done by the person or persons it's credited to. Now do we have cool stuff like the Atton lean animation? "no we don't" did we add the same amount of content? "No" the Genoheradan stuff is not added there may be some other content as well. Is it of the same Quality as TSLRP? who's to say until TG finishes and releases. We mean no dis-resrespect to anyone that has or is working on TSLRP without most of them none of this would be possible. We just wanted to have a more complete TSL. And as you have said many times "If you don't like TSLRP's progress make your own"! So you could say we just took your advice
  4. Try enabling V-sync in the graphics options. I had the same issue on Dantooine and this seems to have fixed it.
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