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  1. It's such a shame they weren't allowed to make more NWN2 campaigns. I really enjoyed Westgate, they did a great job of making the world take note of where you invested skill points and all the compaions had backstories that interwove with each other and the main plot. This fact alone should make Ossian's first IP worthy of closer inspection.
  2. New screenshots and information on The Shadow Sun, release coming soon http://www.ossianstudios.com/tss
  3. You can try asking at http://www.ossianstudios.com/forum/index.php I'm pretty sure if anybody knows where you can still purchase it at, it's the creators. You can even tell them I sent you there, if you like.
  4. Yes, transition between BG1 and BG2 are seamless with the BGT mod, whereas w/ TuTu you have to manually switch characters and start a new game. Also, BGT has a far greater compatibility spread with other mods, and a greater range of mods made for it. I think it's the superior option, and not just because I helped work on it yrs ago. NTM the name of TuTu always had me envisioning Orcs in pink ballet tights (not the best image).
  5. Great for you Monty, best of luck! P.S: If you ever feel like slumming w/ us folks over at Rogue Dao again, I'm sure we can offer great pay and ideal work conditions as well *almost chokes from prolonged coughing*
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