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  1. Exploration is good for sandbox and pure RPGs.


    Exploration is always welcome. Deus Ex is an action-RPG and its exploration is incredible. I hope that each city in AP will be huge. It's not many-square-miles sandbox city, it's level depth and complexity, that gives you freedom to explore.

  2. In my opinion, stealth skill in AP should give you bonuses and some extra abilities. But, stealth should be based on gameplay (your skills and patience) and level design. Lockpicking and hacking should give you ability to pass through alternative paths.

  3. KotOR is a classic d20 RPG and its "stealth button" works fine. But, I agree that in action-RPGs, stealth must be integrated into a gameplay. For example, something like stealth in Splinter Cell and Hitman would suit much better than Fallout 3 "stealth". I am sure that Obsidian developers are aware of this.

  4. I both agree and disagree. Deus Ex used Unreal 1 engine, in that time the combat was very good because they combined real time action with skills. The more you raise a skill, the more precise you are with guns and more damage you cause. Of course it wasn't perfect, but for that time it was very good. I agree that today, by using Unreal 3 engine in AP, the combat can be much better - cover system, better enemy A.I. etc.

  5. One of the best elements in Deus Ex atmosphere and gameplay is level design. Being able to pass through the ventilation systems, through the sewer, over the rooftops, swimming under the city and finding other alternative paths. Because of it, you are limited only by your play style, there are no better and worse solutions. Deus Ex responds on how you want to play it and it encourages you to find your way of solving the problem. That makes it one of the most intelligent games ever made. So, what can be used in Alpha Protocol? Complex level design with multiple paths and attention to details. Non-linear skill based action gameplay which responds to your play style. Many gadgets and weapon customizations. Non-linear story, good dialogue system and story telling.

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