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  1. Fixed: GPU driver Issue With Ubuntu 20 Sorry mates. Can you put a Save Game cap on for Idiots like me who cannot control there save game habits plz like a cap of 100 would prolly be good <<####3 this game ty all nice job So i think my only way to Solve this is to do A Full reinstall without Cloud and copy savegame to folder just one of them i suppose. Re downloading with Cloud atm will let you all know how it goes! Game Wont Launch Thru Steam After this If anyone knows a fix trying without cloud now ty. Umm Sorry This Post Can Be Delete it Ended up Bei
  2. I single click a char after within secs it auto selects the Whole 5 person Group ANy ideas how to shut this off trying to Get a rogue to stealth ahead but everytime i do it auto selects whole group? Some option im missing i dont understand? Update: When I trigger Trap After Having one Char Clicked it Seems to Auto Select WHOLE party anyone know how to shut this off Sorry for confusion ?
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