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  1. Hmm i have rx570 with 8gb Maybe update GPU drivers? I am running at a Solid 60 FPS plus AMD 16 Thread 1900X RX 570 8gb 32 GB Vulkan Ram SSD!
  2. So this is after i completed the Merchant and the Pirate came to the Isle i hit the lever and drawbridge went down , but then after i reloaded map lever was unvailable and drawbridge was up but collision was acting as if i can walk through set Moveable Drawbirdge Mesh ty!( Its a matter of Aesthetics that after i pull the lever the drawbirdge should stay down ty!( and or vice versa if i pull again drawbirdge should go up!))
  3. Thank you Guys I believe i have this shield will try to enchant if i can is pricey, also very a many Anti- Petrified Pig Tactic i do so Enjoy! I am uncertain of some of these advanced tactics will look into some are new to me reducing debuffs is nice didn't know that for Xoti, dont have a chanter so thats out. Aye i just got to some higher level rogue Interrupts i have yet to use those effectively also but did spec into will def need will have to pay closer attention to the spell being cast up thee! Getting a high stack of fort on my Rogue is iffy you right not really worth it but maybe w
  4. So i mean the aftermath was not pretty whence those mages had laid waste upon my Rogue! I could not Vanish wut to do Freedom of Movement ish potion?
  5. Delete Some Save Game Files You SaveGame Hoarders max Capacity is 150 saves before you Create game Problems lol!
  6. Fixed: GPU driver Issue With Ubuntu 20 Sorry mates. Can you put a Save Game cap on for Idiots like me who cannot control there save game habits plz like a cap of 100 would prolly be good <<####3 this game ty all nice job So i think my only way to Solve this is to do A Full reinstall without Cloud and copy savegame to folder just one of them i suppose. Re downloading with Cloud atm will let you all know how it goes! Game Wont Launch Thru Steam After this If anyone knows a fix trying without cloud now ty. Umm Sorry This Post Can Be Delete it Ended up Bei
  7. I single click a char after within secs it auto selects the Whole 5 person Group ANy ideas how to shut this off trying to Get a rogue to stealth ahead but everytime i do it auto selects whole group? Some option im missing i dont understand? Update: When I trigger Trap After Having one Char Clicked it Seems to Auto Select WHOLE party anyone know how to shut this off Sorry for confusion ?
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