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  1. I as well as millions of other would like to know the simple yet fair question of when and how we can start backing not only for Avowed but also Pillars of Eternity 3 because I know that the sales may have killed it for you guys the backers were more than the first going from 3 mill for POE1 to 4 mill for POE2 so just because sales were not forthcoming does not mean that the money will not be there I being a backer myself will spend more money for a game I think may have dev potential than I will a finish product that I have no say in and is already set in stone.
  2. I would like to see more games like Temple of Elemental Evil. With less load times is a must because I lost air with the load times...literary. This fact alone suffocates people and ultimately killed it for me and probably alot of other gamers as well guys. I will say this though the turn-base was Vital and if that ever goes away I'm Done and will not play anymore as I actually abandoned my gameplay with PoE1.
  3. Is there any way that PoE 1 could be turn base as well at it works so awsome.
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