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  1. Hi, even though this thread is already two years old, I want to add a little bit, since I stumbled on it again, myself. TL;DR: it's 100% possible, couldn't figure out the required conditions, if you don't care about achievements you can use console commands. Please see edit for information regarding POE2 save import. I can tell you that it's definetely possible, but sadly I don't know what the exact triggers are. According to the Quest Description one part includes getting the Dragon to a certain health threshold, but that alone is not sufficient as I played around with the console and set its Health to 1, once directly and once by applying enough instant damage, but nothing triggered, even after making it invulnerable and attacking it a bit more. So either the trigger for the event is broken or there is some other condition (maybe benevolent to a certain level?) that must be met. It's also possible that the trigger just takes way too long after reaching the health threshold and you simply would have to wait forever(also tried that before fiddling with the console but didn't seem to work either). I also believe that I actually managed to trigger the event on my very first playthrough, but that was years ago and also on normal(this time is on hard) with a way weaker party, even before the expansions, so either it was just easier to trigger the needed event or maybe some patches or the expansions really, broke the trigger. I also don't remember any other conditions that I might have met, except that time I already killed the Adra Dragon(would be a pretty weird relation, but maybe it makes the Sky Dragon more afraid of you?). Ironically at that time I actually didn't care and wanted to kill all dragons, so I killed it anyway... That all being said, if you are like me and want to make the Dragon retreat no matter what, because you want to use the savegame in POE2 and the Pet you get for this outcome, you can use the console. Note: just activating console commands prevents you from getting any achievement further in that playthrough, you can however load a previous savegame and continue with that if you care about the achievements. Even though it might be possible to change that with a savegame editor. First you need to activate console commands with the Command: iRoll20s After that you can use: TriggerQuestEndState 12_qst_nest_above_the_clouds 2 this will finish the quest with the Dragon fled. If you just want to skip to the next step in the quest you can probably use TriggerQuestAddendum 12_qst_nest_above_the_clouds 3 this should move the quest to the state "Dealt with the Dragon", however I don't know what how Hylea's dialogue will look afterwards, even though it seems that the state "dealt with the dragon", refers to having fought the dragon, but that is still alive, so it should work. The fact that the dragon is still alive also provides you with the option to actually kill him without any issues, since the quest state will not change, once the quest is finished. Edit: I just checked with the Eternity Keeper. For once, yes there is simply a Cheat Enabled flag that you can set to false. And the other thing is that I compared a savegame before and after killing the dragon, both after finishing the quest through commands. I found the following variables: n_Nedyn_Quest_Stage n_Nest_Dragon_Combat n_Nest_Dragon_Dead n_Nest_dragon_State n_Nest_Dragon_Support_Dead n_Nest_priests_State n_Nest_quest_main n_Nest_quest_start n_Nest_Reputation n_Nest_Wurmling_State Some of them are pretty obvious, such as n_Nest_Reputation, as killing the Dragon gives you positive reputation with Twin Elms. Now aside from Reputation, these flags were (newly) set after killing the Dragon: n_Nest_Dragon_Combat n_Nest_Dragon_Dead n_Nest_dragon_State n_Nest_Wurmling_State Now, Dragon_Combat seems to be obviously if combat was initiated or not and Dragon_Dead, should be obvious too. Unclear are dragon_State and Wurmling_State. It could simply be wether or not the two are hostile or not, which would be the most plausible. Btw all of these are int values not booleans so, they are not limited to just two values, for example n_Nedyn_Quest_Stage is set to 5. The reason why this is important is, that I don't know which of these values is used in the POE2 import. I guess that n_Nedyn_Quest_Stage simply determines how far the quest progressed and 5 is just "finished". Considering that the EndState is 2, the value for n_Nest_quest_main might just reflect this EndState, if this is correct it would most likely be the value used in the POE2 import, as it is just a single value with all the information. However it could also be possible that Dragon_combat and Dragon_Dead are evaluated in conjunction and while this is rather unlikely I will in my case set the Dragon_Dead flag to 0 (and for consistency the Repuation flag as well). Of these are just speculations and if anyone wants to do the same(you could also skip the commands and just modify your savegame right before importing), do it on your own risk. Side Note: the n_Nest_Dragon_Support_Dead value is in both cases 0, implying that the Blights spawned during the fight should be alive, which they are definetely not after the Dragon was killed, I'm wondering if I managed to do that with my console commands or if maybe someone flipped the interpretation of that value during development, either consciously or by accident.
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