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  1. Ah sorry I missed your christmas post, hope you had a nice holiday. What stuff exactly? You mean the loaded files and data during runtime? For that you would need probably some kind of runtime debugger or memory analyzer/profiler. However most of them would operate on assembler level which would probably be overwhelming and very tiresome (and I'm not familiar enough with that stuff to help you there). However a little bit of googling says that process explorer (https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer ) and Process Hacker ( https://processhacker.sourcefo
  2. My guess is that the referenced files are packed in other existing files in some compressed form and only get decompressed and loaded during runtime. That would mean they do exist, however to access them one would need to identify the files they are in and hope that they can be just unpacked or analyze them during runtime in the memory. Another possibility would be that the references are either never really used and just old remains from some time during development or that they are used, but since they can't be found the game has some way to adress this missing information. But that is just
  3. Good questions, I was actually very certain, but I slightly start to question my memory as well. And it was so long ago, that I might be falsely remembering it. However if actually nobody got it, then I wonder how it did end up in the Wiki? To my knowledge the Wiki is filled by fans, not the developer, so how would anyone know about it if, it didn't trigger for anybody? Regarding the new lines, yes those seem to be related to general new functionality or maybe even changes to the game system. Of course they could have an impact but I think are too general to be helpful. So the question is
  4. Ah those strings are hashes, I already guessed as much. Don't try to figure anything out with them, you can't. A hash is basically a one-way encryption with a few specific properties. First they are unique for each input, secondly they are deterministic (same input = exact same output) and thirdly they are irreversibel. And while these properties only hold up depending on the quality of the hash-algorithm, they hold up well enough. In most cases hashes are used as IDs, since during runtime they are numerical hexadecimal values, and comparing numerical values is a lot faster than strings or who
  5. Uff, you got very far, actually I don't have much more I can say to that. I think this part, hits the nail on the spot: It just makes sense all the way. The fact that the bug went in place after WM I and that the wurmling's life is connected to both the bug as well as the mercy option, makes it very likely that fixing one thing messed with the other. And as you said, they intentionally added a unique pet into deafire, which makes only sense if they think it's still possible to let the dragon leave. While it's theoretically is still possible that the trigger is just very convo
  6. Again interesting stuff you found there. Regarding not ruining your playthrough: copy the save files to another location as backup. With getting to the limits of the assets I agree, I guess it would be very hard to find anymore information without crawling through the memory, which is a whole new level of difficult and annoying (and I don't really recommend it). Regarding your questions: 1) There is a slight chance that some other conversation accidentally moves the quest tree forward into another state and that the dragon fleeing can't be triggered from that state, but that's m
  7. Oh very interesting stuff! And yeah I get an email when someone replies, so I usually still check the thread. The colliderbox is probably not worth considering it will either be something like you mentioned, to ignore other characters, or alternatively it might be a trigger volume to trigger the initial conversation, but that would not make much sense for the trigger we're looking for. The skydragon has an attack where it jumps in the sky and lands somewhere else and the three waypoints are probably the three positions it can land in. The values will be specific for the sky dragon bu
  8. Very interesting. Regarding the post from Breckmoney, it was posted 2 years ago, but he never said when he actually did it so it might be older than that. I'm not surprised that you didn't found the dlls very helpful. DLL stands for dynamically linked library, it's basically already existing functionality that will be loaded into memory during runtime, so if anything it will tell you more about the technical realization of certain aspects, than the ingame structure. If the driving trigger is actually some global script hidden somewhere then more conditions could apply, like mayb
  9. Hi, even though this thread is already two years old, I want to add a little bit, since I stumbled on it again, myself. TL;DR: it's 100% possible, couldn't figure out the required conditions, if you don't care about achievements you can use console commands. Please see edit for information regarding POE2 save import. I can tell you that it's definetely possible, but sadly I don't know what the exact triggers are. According to the Quest Description one part includes getting the Dragon to a certain health threshold, but that alone is not sufficient as I played around with the cons
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