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  1. Yeah i am always soloing. PotD + Upscale. I kind of gave up. It was manageable until that moment. I mean, i am not even halfway done with the game and Single enemy bosses seems absurd. Like you said it's superb when there are hordes of melee medicre powerful enemies but as soon as you start running into hordes of fampyrs, steel constructs or in general big single enemies which there are a good amount of, the build just doesn't do anything.
  2. I know NKB targets fortitude. I was just stating that it's one of the spells that nukes me super fast. Thanks for explaining the missiles. I'm Steel Garotte / Trickster. Even if i go invis the fampyrs still summon the phantoms and that means like 3-4 phantoms spamming missiles or killing bolt that i can't do anything about. My damage is super trash as well against those higher level enemies like fampyrs so i can't just nuke 1 fast and then go invis and then re-engage. The build i am playing is riposte/parry based. I saw @Boeroer talking about it.
  3. @Boeroer How do you deal with the ridiculous amount of enemies at sea-lashed crypt? There's like a bazillion fampyrs and summonable phantoms that burst you down in literally 2 sec with minoletta's minor missiles and ninagauth's killing bolt for 100+ damage. Also how do minoletta's missiles always hit me with 140-150 deflection and overpenetrate? My out of combat stats are 126 DEF, 116 FOR, 112 REF, 152 WIL 102 ACC, 14 WPN Penetration, 11 Armor Rating, 195 HP. 19 might, 5 con, 9 dex, 17 per, 15 int, 26 resolve. Then i have the cloak that gives +7 to all defenses if no ally is near you. Entonia Signet Ring and Casita Samelia with 21 intimidation and ring of solitary wanderer, neck with +2 resolve and bracers with +3 acc. I'm not sure what i should be doing differently, if anything. I pop mirror images, llengrath's displaced image and try to use escape for +50 def when i can. Sometimes i'll be able to get an inspired beacon off but tbe action speed is ridiculously slow that i'll almost always get interrupted and then just get burst down in ~2 seconds or less. My WotEP and Casita Samelia are both of Legendary Quality.
  4. Are there +deflection items for accessories for all slots? I have only found minor versions with like +2 or +3. I did find a cape that adds like +7 to all defenses when solo which is awesome but that's about it.
  5. Hey all, I just finished my first blind PotD solo playthrough with single class Blood Mage but i didn't manage to do some of the stuff i wanted to do (e.g. Megabosses). They seemed impossible to me and i tried lots of things but in the end i always ran out resources or just flat out died and barely made a dent to their HP. I do understand you can cheese stuff with Brilliant and WoD but i am not into that kind of thing because i feel like if i do that, i might as well turn on godmode with console. Is there a build that can deal with those megabosses without cheesing the hell out of them with infinite resources / invincibility? I was looking at the skills for classes and single class monk seems really good but it seems like all you do is auto attack everything down and that gets boring pretty fast unless i am missing something. I was thinking maybe something with Riposte and noticed the endless paths greatsword has a similar ability to riposte. Would a Steel Garotte / Trickster be viable for PotD solo w/ Megabosses and if so how would i build it stats wise? Would 14/3/10/17/14/19 work? Do i need DEX for it? or can i just dump it for more MIG/INT/PER? I would appreciate all the help.
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