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  1. You seem to not know brissy well. Ace Comics and Games(City), Fast Break Sports (Nundah- (mutilple Living Greyhawk (and Living FR) games a month here), Mind Games (Stones Corner and City), Comic Warriors (Annerley), Rajin Comics (southside somewhere), Borders (big bookstore in the City), Wicked Games (Aspley). There is a shop in Ipswich, another in Beaudesert, and another somewhere deep southside that I know of, but I don't remember the names of. BTW if you are interested in trying out the PnP side of things the folks that run the RPGA's living campaigns would be glad to see you - contact them through the Yahoo group Brisgames II know there is a gaming shop in Bundy and there certainly used to be one out at Toowoomba. I'm not aware of any on either the Sunshine or Gold coasts, but a little asking around on the Brisgames list should turn them up. Australia has a massive PnP community, that allows a lot of gaming shops to flurish. (Heck I was down in Mornington the other week on holidays and low and behold there was a gaming shop...true it was full of kids playing 40K but they sold DnD stuff as well.) Any Australians wanting to hook up with local PnP folks can drop me a PM, chances are I can put you in touch with someone., or at least find your local store. Oh and to say something relevant to the actual thread... All TSRs settings are high fantasy, ithey are just different flavors of High Fantasy. FR and GH both have horrible geo-politics and worse histories, cobled together to suit the needs of tonights gaming session and the latest module. (Dragonlance performs better in these regards as it was built from scratch by TSR to sell books and gaming in parallel.) One of my favourite settings is Planescape - because at first level everything really can eat you, but it just doesn't suit my style as a Dm so I never managed to run a campaign there. But FR, GH, and DL are easy for me to run games in so I've ran them in all those settings (plus Darksun, Mystara, and some others.) I like the high fantasy aspect of these settings and can easily tailor campaigns to suit them. But I also likey gritty realism to and in the same settings can tailor campaigns for that as well. So ultimately the settings become what the DM and PCs can make of them, not what they are in the sourcebooks. The sourcebooks are a source of ideas - cannon is what happens in your campaign. (Which is why I like PW play over module play in NWN)
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