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  1. Yeah you nailed it, there are a lot of Paradox games on the service but I wasn't able to find any Versus Evil games. Guess this will make ownership rights even more important going forward for developers and might make crowdfunding an even bigger draw
  2. They announced publicaly last Wednesday (27 May, 2020), but didn't say when they started alerting publishers. However, at the time of the announcement, there were already 2k+ games that devs had opted-in, which would likely mean a few days or weeks. That one game has been opted-in and one hasn't for the series is confusing to me but it hopefully was just a timing issue and this coming Thursday will have Deadfire back on Geforce.
  3. Obsidian did not opt-in for Deadfire to remain on Geforce NOW before the May 31st deadline. Geforce NOW no longer supports any games that the developer did not specifically opt-in for. It looks like they did for PoE1 but not PoE2 for whatever reason.
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