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  1. Great news on the DLC, take your time with it. I knew this game was great when I was already planning my second play-through before I had finished the first. I had the same experience with New Vegas, only ever finished the main story a few times, but played it for thousands of hours. Outer Worlds may be a tad short, but what a foundation to build upon. (prays Microsoft leaves you alone when creating the sequel!). Fantastic work all round.
  2. On my first play-through, at level 24, just got to byzantium. I have got Engineering up to 80 for the 10% Rare mod extraction. Have broken down around 100 items, but can see no mods different from what were being broken down at Engineering 60. Is there some way to identify these 'rare' mods? I see no specific marks on their cards. I did search the net; they talk only about normal mods or Nexus. Gamefaq has nothing. then this forum; but there was only one other thread about Mods, and had nothing to with Rare ones.
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