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  1. Again thank you very much indeed for your care! Let's see what happens next. For me it's just a pity to see such a lavishly drawn and what's most important a reputed game dev title SO ABANDONED! This simply can not be. Specifically I was baker and got all existing addons purchased along with the tons of custom stuff as well.
  2. Yes it works but in the little other way... BOO! oBsidian I was about to buy a PoE saga and the OW for my Switch, this will never happen now!
  3. Hello there, Considering the hefty age of this title for the moment and ITS STATE OF BUGGING the upshot isn't much consolatory, still hoping for nothing much I dare to post out my issue. I found myself dramatically unable to roll the dice just in the middle of the beginning of the campaign. The task is to discard the card which upon completion is leading to the dice roll popping up, which appears to dingle frozen and doesn't react on any mouse actions. Instead, it may also draw a random card which will after appear from every single corner of the screen obnoxiously following by the
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