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  1. its been years I played the game so I decided to play it again. but there is a bug I have noticed. During engagement. The Cipher's weapon will glow together with the head. but I seldom see this effect. it frustrates me a little bit because that's what make the cipher unique to most classes. they say its a bug but is there a fix for this?
  2. This I noticed. This only happens when you reload a save game. even on my games the glow effect is there but seldom. there was a patch that messed this one up but I am not sure which one. and also I mostly see the glow on weapons which inflict slash damage(sabres, swords, daggers). but its a known bug and it really removes the unique appearanc of the cipher. what I did is that I exit the game, open steam, verify the game, play the game, reload the save game and there all the effects are back. but if you reload a save game, its gone
  3. I agree on this one. it makes the cipher unique from other classes.
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