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  1. Dark Tower RPG Cthulhu RPG Something related to Planescape Modern Days Urban fantasy Polar / Noir RPG WW2 RPG WW1 RPG Western / Far-West RPG (maybe mixed with dark fantasy elements ? Lovecraft in the far-west ?) Of course in isometric turn based or real time with pause, like Baldur's gate or fallout. Tons of text, almost no voice over, tons of choice and consequence, maybe sandbox elements, etc ...
  2. At first I want to say that I am really glad that Obsidian has so much variety in the RPG themes they offer us (Star wars, Dungeon & Dragon, Modern days (AP), Sci-fi horror (aliens) ...) I have really high hopes for their future projects regardless of the settings, but if it was my choice I would vote for one of those (in no particular order) : - Lovecraftish 1920 setting - Steampunk (without elves or dwarves) - World of Darkness (Bloodlines 2 anyone ? :D) - something like "the dark tower" universe, modern days mixed with parallel universes with a western/horror touch. - Mature
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