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  1. I messed around a little and changed the height scale of the elves to that of humans, but I'm wondering if it maybe made the blessings unviewable. I can still see the achievements, although I do not see any options for the blessings.
  2. How many achievements do you need to complete before seeing beraths blessings/having them available to use?
  3. Thanks all. I figured it wasnt all that likely to work so well, but hoped. Still messing around with different classes, guess the search continues.
  4. Began a tactician/forbidden fist to test tanky dps build, self heal+forbidden fist as an interrupt to restore discipline. Not sure if it's worth it. Seems tough to manage for synergy. Thought maybe I'd just run in and, if I got flanked, I'd benefit from the shaken and confused running out, then interrupting with forbidden fist among others to restore discipline. Maybe not low enough int. Not sure if the discipline is being restored, either.. Gonna play something else for now, but if ya know anything about synergy for this build, I'd appreciate some input!
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