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  1. Thank you for the update I bought the game several months ago because I love RPG games, but I haven't been able to progress very far (I'm still in the first location and have only played for a few hours) because the game causes me to feel some motion sickness. It isn't the head bobbing thats the problem for me, I don't think, it's the zooming/FOV sprinting effect that causes me the most issues, especially in combat. I'm generally ok with most first person games I've played before (though a friend convinced me to buy Borderlands 2... I had to stop playing after a few minutes because it made me feel nauseous), though I'll always play in third person if I have the option because it lets me see my character, feels more immersive and is less likely to cause sickness for me. I hope it would be possible for a future update to add an option to remove the sprinting zoom effect so I can play the game without feeling ill? Or maybe a third person option which would fix the issue I'm having also because a third person game has never had the same effect on me. I would really like to play more of the game, but I haven't really played it at all except a few times when I first bought it. I've even been tempted to try to play the game without sprinting, but eh.
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