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  1. Update: I was able to complete A Shrewd Proposition via Unity Console's dialogue debug but Of Like Minds still won't update. Since it's an optional quest, it wouldn't affect anything besides losing out on some EXP and reputation, right?
  2. I finished He Waits in Fire before proceeding with the Crookspur quest line but with Honor Among Thieves active, I can't turn in or progress Of Like Minds and A Shrewd Proposition. The journal won't update even after I cleared out Crookspur and Furrante, Aeldys or Castol don't have new dialogue. Is there anything I can do without reloading previous saves? I'm too far along now.
  3. There are absolutely roleplaying reasons why someone not emotionally invested in it would still want to know the truth or punish a mass murderer, even if that meant trekking for 8 hours. You mentioned one of them. You don't really get to determine for others what their characters are like. How would you know? So what if you have no personal gain in it? What's your point exactly? That Watchers who have the ability to know every sin in anyone's life have no authority to "dispense justice?" I'd say they have a little more authority to do it, based on how they have more accurate information than any jury. But you make a good point about having no evidence suggesting that all of the other woodcutters participated in the purge. Same for the Dozens, not all of them participated in mob justice. Nor are all Doemenels assassins, though I think it's a perfectly valid reason to storm and massacre the base of the gang who sent assassins after you. But, this is why I chose to lie to the Devil. As for Raedric, you don't have to sympathize with Kolsc to want to kill Raedric. I wanted him dead before meeting Kolsc. But I didn't kill any guards doing their jobs. You could sneak your way in and kill just Raedric and his personal guards. They had a choice to defend a mass murderer or leave. They chose to stay and fight.
  4. Necro-ing a thread here but I need to add that none or very few actually mentions that Harmke didn't just burn the Devil's house down. He spent several hours burning and killing everyone in the village. "The next few hours are painted in colors more vivid than life. You put your torch to anything that stands and your sword to anyone who runs..." It wasn't cowardice that made Harmke burn the last house. He cooled off a bit and needed to do something before he was killed by the other guy who mistook him for a villager.
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