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  1. Hi guys, The most important thing is Virtuos workers safety!! Every videogame fan will agree with that. Also the physical cartridge release are very good news and that will push the sales a lot. We will wait as long as it takes gladly if that means a much better product.
  2. Hi Obsidian, Do you really think that releasing a digital download code in the physical edition instead of the cartdrige with the game will not be punished by the Switch owners? You just have to take a look to any videogame website and check the comments to see that this decision will hurt sales hugely.... Witcher 3 has all his content on the cartridge.... Is it possible to change this decission even if that means to delay the release date? This is not the best way to support Virtuos Games effort on the port. Also, where can we find any in-game footage or images of this version? We are just one month away from the release date... Looking forward to hearing from you.
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