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  1. Hi, great patch I loved to hear the news. but I can't enjoy it and it makes me sad, very sad. I bought in 2018 PoE2D Obsidian Edition because I had wonderful moments with PoE1 and wanted to repeat, but I can not, The game for me is unplayable, constant crashes. I hoped for a Pacth that would help me get back to the game, but from what I saw unfortunately you forgot about it. I know I am not an isolated case, as I searched for solutions on the Internet and there were several similar reports to mine. I live in Brazil and games here are extremely expensive. In short, is there anyone here or some of the developers have any ideas, solutions, strategies, anything that might help me or have no way. because I tried everything, It would be of great help I kindly ask an answer for a possible or not help. I would be grateful even if the answer is negative. MY PC.. Windows 10 Intel i7-6700K CPU Video card NVIDIA GTX 1070 RAM 16 GB NOTE: google brazil translation, thanks !!
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