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  1. I'm not sure if this forum post died because it's no longer an issue (Obsidian solved it) or if people gave up, but I was thinking I too had no surround - all the music was from front speakers. I just checked again and found that if I engaged in conversation with a generic NPC (a stevedore on Groundbreaker) then turned around, I heard him very faintly from my rear speakers, so for me it was just a fader adjustment that needed to be made. For sound I have a Sound Blaster Z connected to a Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 (a Dolby digital decoder/amp + 5.1 speaker package from ages ago) via TOSLINK optical cable, and have my Default Speakers set to "Speakers" on "Sound Blaster Z". The SBZ has en encoder that'll take 5.1 audio from Windows and encode it to Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect, but you must open the Sound Blaster control panel, go to the "Cinematic" menu, and select the encoder option you want. Hope this helps.
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