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  1. I'm playing Streetfighter/Priest of Woedica and relying on Wit of Death's Herald tier 3 for Brilliant inspiration once/rest I have ample in-game time (practice run finished with like 10 days or something leftover) so if I can acquire the cape without combat then that would absolutely solve my problem. If I have to kill something to get it though, it doesn't help because I won't have unlocked Tier 3 Wit until after killing Jadaferlas and I'll be right where I started. I should check if it can be pickpocketed Edit: Nevermind you can't even get into the shrine without the outdoor enco
  2. I currently finish Ashen Maw on day 32, which leaves me 48 days for DLC and bosses. This seems like more than enough time based on what other people have said in this thread? Could be wrong. I only use Lethandrias to regen life while the fire blight is attacking me, but I don't know of anything else that would regenerate at the speed I need for the length of time I need. (I'd run out of potions pretty quickly trying to do this and rings of regen are too slow) So the strat is : Spawn fire blight -> withdraw vela so the fire blight follows me away -> wait for fire blight to pro
  3. Whelp, just lost my first "real" run on the Ashen Maw bridge After nearly 2 hours of healing and getting attacked by a fire blight, I still wasn't able to get Brilliant to proc off of Shadow of the Phantasm before Lethandria's broke. Frustrating because it's literally the only time in the run I need RNG to work for me and it didn't. Open to ideas on how to keep this from being a problem. I'm probably going to have to hold on to/craft scrolls of withdraw so that I can try multiple times (though in none of my practice runs did it ever take more than 15 minutes to proc Brilliant. 2 hour
  4. I finally finished my practice/planning run with everything active besides Wael/Trial of Iron. It feels like an accomplishment in and of itself, but now it's time to start the real thing. Armaxy, Multiple people have had runs approved using Hylea's Bounty + Luminous Adra so that at least seems fine. I don't know about the Scordeo's Edge accuracy stacking though.
  5. I'm still a little conflicted on what I want to do it as exactly. On one hand, there are lots more resources for wizard/tactician/priest, but on the other I like the idea of doing it as a rogue/woedica, which Tenray has at least demonstrated is possible. Do you have a recommended resource regarding the encounter stat checks or is the best way to find them just to dig through the game files?
  6. Hello everyone, I recently heard about this challenge (from Thelee's written guide) and thought that I'd give it a try. I'm only just entering the planning stages but there's already such a wealth of knowledge compiled about the challenge and I'm looking forward to digesting it all. I don't have much to add at this point but since Tenray asked if anyone else was working on the challenge I figured I'd stop lurking. *waves*
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