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  1. So I'm going to start a new hard game and finally try to finish the damn game after not playing a while! I've settle one rogue and I'm going to be using all story companions because hirelings are boring and too easy! My must haves are grieving mother cause cipher is just too good for a rogue. Durance cause priests are just good no matter what, even though his dex makes me cry. Pallegina because her raw tanking ability and her just all around great healing and abilities are hard for me to ignore! I can't decide my last 2 spots though. I need another frontliner at least and 1 backlin
  2. Biggest problem with firebrand build is I cannot get belt for my barb cause the deadfire expansion or whatever pack it is isn't available for PS4 which is what I play on. I could still do it of course, just not as many firebrands. Also I remember reading in one of your older posts that soulbound weapons were the best because of their procs with carnage. Is your opinion different now? I could go with monk just need a good DPS build for it. Or how to build the NPC one since not sure which class I'll make my main yet. I know about citzals lance, but is it better than durga
  3. I don't want to do a barb tank cause that's what I have pallegina and kana for. Also I don't like the idea of barb tanks thematically. Kind of how I don't like greatsword rogues.
  4. So I'm starting over for the 8th time and getting into the flow of what classes I like most. Last game I did rogue main, priest ,cipher ,druid ,chanter ,ranger. Rogue felt strong but kinda pointless and I understand all the flak it gets now. Having all that damage is overkill for most enemies and the ones it matter for can kill you with a fart anyways. So for this run I want to do a melee party. I always like melee in rpgs and usually try full melee parties when it's practical. I have most the classes decided just need some tweaks and help on some builds. I'm going to be using all compani
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