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  1. Good intro to AutoHotKey. You can wrap the re-maps in the following: #IfWinActive The Outer Worlds ahk_class UnrealWindow .... above mappings #IfWinActive That way the mappings will only apply when you're in the game.
  2. I'm a left-handed mouse user, but decided after 20 years to switch because this game is essentially forcing me. However, when I remap WASD to ESDF, the key map screen shows the old WASD mappings after I reload my game. The ESDF still work, the displayed mappings are just wrong. In some cases, this led me to have 1 binding for 2 actions. The only way I could be sure to get the mappings right was first to reset to defaults, then map everything in one go. This managed to get my mappings right, but next time I load the game the mappings are displayed incorrectly. This is unrelated
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