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  1. Thank you for the explanations! Now I get the dots and the diamond. And I should have read through the codex, the answer at least for pristine was under Weapons & Armor. Kinda like with @Ommamar I would never have figured out the dots tho.
  2. Maybe I need to create a new topic, but this is along the same lines; the whole UI is kinda confusing. There is hardly enough info/tooltips for me to make a decision, for instance some equipment cards have little dots along the left side, others have little diamonds. Where can I see info about what all this stuff means, why I should care about the differences? Seems like the devs just haphazardly added elements to the UI without considering they know what it means, doesn't automagically mean everyone else would too.
  3. For Lockpick I have a base value of 50. Under the description shows (69) ADJUSTED SKILL VALUE Felix adds 10 Parvati adds 9 So why can't I see what is inside locked containers?
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